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Our experience of implementing vulnerability training started in February 2018 and has been our full-time job ever since. We founded Vulnerable Customer eXperience (VCX) in 2020 and have put all that knowledge into a training package that guarantees firms a learning journey to FCA compliance. However, in the same way that the FCA are not making supervision around vulnerability a 'one-off tick box', we are not simply selling one-off training courses. We have built a community of experts focused on delivering compassionate customer service to every customer including those in vulnerable circumstances. VCX provide a full eLearning suite of 'core' and 'partner' training modules and The Signpost vulnerability database. We partner with expert charity support, enterprise-level consulting on solution design and implementation and content from the latest academic research in finance and economics. We are also working with leading technology providers including the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) to help identify vulnerability using existing customer data held both internally and externally.
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