Coronavirus means that those most vulnerable in society are likely to suffer even more. The Vulnerability Registration Service serves to notify organisations that people need to be treated appropriately according to their circumstances.

The current outbreak means that more and more people fall into the vulnerability bracket. There are financial issues to be taken into consideration, often completely unexpected. The elderly and those suffering from underlying health conditions are suffering from being unable to attend to their daily affairs.

We know there is a massive upturn in domestic abuse, anxiety and mental illness. Carers are being challenged, those in care homes are even more at risk and we are caring for those who have succumbed to the disease and people are, not only dealing with bereavement but, having to manage it in unforeseen and cruel circumstances.

Our objective has always been to highlight vulnerability and to reduce the amount of pressure experienced when dealing with companies in any sector. The need to do so is going to increase as we navigate our way through the current crisis. We know the impact will be with us for a considerable time.

If you wish to register with the Vulnerability Registration Service or if you have the authority to act on behalf of somebody else, please click here.