If your organisation holds data that could be taken into consideration by other organisations, you can share this through VRS in a secure and compliant way.

Registering and sharing data

Registering data with VRS is free of charge and easy to do. Data can be provided on a simple spreadsheet through secure SFPT transfer – we just need name, address and date of birth information. The sharing of data is completely compliant with data protection law.

VRS can also help facilitate the sharing of data within your own organisations.  Organisations which provide us with court of protection records can use VRS to access that data internally, in addition to the other data held by VRS – to identify vulnerability when dealing with adult care, council tax arrears or housing.

Sources of data

VRS works with many organisations to source data about vulnerable individuals – these include local authorities, solicitors, charities, utilities and lenders. We believe this is essential to make sure people receive support, that they are not extended inappropriate credit facilities or goods and services.

Benefits to the individual

The VRS lets individuals inform companies of their vulnerability – so that companies can treat them with the care they need. And most importantly to the individual, they no longer have to keep repeating their vulnerability to different organisations.

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Definitions of vulnerability

There may be circumstances when people should not be offered financial services and VRS can alert companies where this is the case. People may also simply need their situation taken into consideration and we use high-level of flags to help identify the type of vulnerability whether this be because they are suffering from physical or mental health issues, a life event such as relationship breakdown or a bereavement, which could have a temporary impact on somebody, or suffering from coercion.

We use the following flags to help identify how someone is vulnerable:

Physical disability

Mental health

Physical health

Cognitive disorder

Risk of coercion

Debt management

Financial hardship

Financial capacity

Gambling addiction



Life event



Low level of literacy 

Low level of numeracy

Limited technological capability



Old age (increased chance of cognitive or physical impairment)

Addiction to alcohol or drug Victim of Fraud Partial blindness Partial deafness
Unpaid Carer Affected Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders Debt Relief Order

More information about the ease of sharing data [Open in new tab: VRS info literature]

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