Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does it cost anything to register with the VRS?

No, there is no cost to register with the VRS.

Can I withdraw my registration with the VRS?

Your registration with the VRS lasts for a minimum of three months, then if you or your representative feels your situation has improved sufficiently you can ask us to remove your details – once your details have been removed from the VRS nobody will be able to see that you were ever registered. You can then re-register whenever you feel it is appropriate.

What information do individual users need to provide?

Typically all we require is your name, address, date of birth, an email address and a phone number. We do not record any reasons for your registration, and no other personal data is recorded on the VRS.

Who can register my details on the VRS?

Typically users will register themselves, but in some cases a third party authorised to act on their behalf (for example under power of attorney) may do so.

What is the Vulnerability Registration Service / VRS?

The VRS is a registration tool which enables people experiencing vulnerability to make sure that lenders and other organisations they interact with take their circumstances into account.

Could registering with the VRS affect my credit score?

No, the VRS is completely independent of the credit reference agencies and does not share any information with them.

Do people registering with the VRS have to explain the cause of their vulnerability?

No. The VRS does not attempt to determine whether a person is vulnerable, nor share details of their vulnerability with anyone else. A very straightforward system of vulnerability flags is used to indicate that a person has registered themselves and how they would like that registration to be taken into account.

What is a vulnerable person?

We don’t try to provide a strict definition of vulnerability, which can take many forms – it might be mental illness, incapacity, addiction, or something else. Many different forms of vulnerability however can lead to similar patterns of behaviour which can result in problem debts – these include lack of perspective, inability foresee problems, and poor assessment of risk.

Will registering with VRS affect my credit rating?

VRS is completely independent from the credit reference agencies and does not share information with them.

Is my personal information secure on the VRS?

Yes. The VRS takes the security of your personal information very seriously and uses equivalent security measures to online banking.

What information will organisations using the VRS see about me?

All that can be seen will be your name, address, date of birth and contact details together with your chosen vulnerability flag. Your choice of flag will show either that you have opted to be declined automatically should you make a credit application, or that you have asked to have any application or similar request looked at and discussed with you.

Will all lenders and comparable organisations be alerted to my registration?

Only organisations that are signed up to the VRS will be able to see your status, and only if they need to make a decision relating to you.

Does it cost anything to use the VRS as a business?

We charge a membership fee and a cost per search is applied appropriate to the number of annual searches.