The VRS provides vulnerable consumers with a way of sharing information on their circumstances with organisations like lenders and creditors.

Individual users can opt either to be pre-declined for financial service applications or, if they prefer, they can simply add a ‘referral flag’ to their names to make organisations aware of their circumstances, so that these can be taken into consideration. This may include applications in existing customer relationships, such as in managing arrears or collections in the most appropriate ways.

In circumstances where a vulnerable person is unable to register themselves – for instance if they are suffering from dementia – we will accept registration from those who have a legal mandate to act of their behalf, such as power of attorney.

The details supplied to us will be shown on the register for three months, after which users can ask us to remove them should they feel their circumstances have sufficiently improved. Once a user’s information is removed, no organisation is able to see that the user was ever registered with us. The sole purpose of the VRS is to provide a snapshot of an individual’s circumstances at a given point in time – a person’s prior history on the VRS is nobody’s business but their own.


Video guide to the VRS and registration instructions:

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