IE Hub – the ultimate solution to support customers managing their money effortlessly

When former teacher and career coach Helen was signed off work with ADHD, she thought that the reduction in income was something she just had to adjust to. Helen had left teaching during the pandemic to pursue her own business in coaching, but when she noticed her concentration levels fluctuating,…
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IncomeMax – helping people claim the money they’re entitled to

As we enter the summer season and experience warmer weather in the UK, it might seem like the energy crisis is behind us and things are returning to normal. However, the reality is far from it for millions of households across the UK who continue to struggle financially. The cost…
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The Energy Crisis is Far from Over

A blog by National Energy Action for the Vulnerability Registration Service. The weather may be warmer and the media full of reports of energy prices coming down, but the energy crisis is far from over. There remains much to do to help households now and ahead of next winter, and…
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Why is it Hard to Make Ends Meet? Blog by Helen Pettifer

Price increases are impacting us from all angles; food, fuel, childcare, broadband, council tax and more. Each month our bills are increasing and there is no sign of things easing up. It is no longer just those with weak budgeting skills that are living beyond their means. For a growing…
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Consumer understanding – why we can’t keep ignoring poor numeracy. Guest blog by Ben Perkins, Head of Partnerships & Services at Plain Numbers.

Getting our heads around the numbers we’re sent by firms is often tricky. This can leave people confused, anxious and struggling. Changing the way numbers are communicated can change the customer experience for the better and Plain Numbers is working with firms to do exactly that. Poor Numeracy as a…
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Supporting Vulnerable Customers
“The problem is…”

By Helen Lord, CEO, Vulnerability Registration Service“We already know who our vulnerable customers are.”“Some people don’t want to say they are vulnerable.”“We don’t know what to do when we’ve identified vulnerabilityin our customers.” These are probably the main sticking points I’ve seen in terms of getting on and sharing data…
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Economic Abuse – a Survivor’s Story

My name is Rosie and I am 28 years old. In 2020 I had to make the decision to stop paying my joint mortgage. This was because I was experiencing domestic abuse and had no access to the property. The other party was refusing to pay, sell or leave. When…
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Guest Blog by Lynn Crawford – Financial Inclusion Worker at Changing Lives

I work face to face with people who seek or are referred for information, advice, guidance and support from Changing Lives.  Changing Lives supports people who are facing some of the most toughest challenges in their life at this moment in time which can be things such as unemployment, homelessness,…
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