The Vulnerability Registration Service (‘VRS’) is an initiative to help vulnerable individuals protect themselves against the financial, social and very personal hardship suffered as a result of debt and financial problems.
The VRS recognises the many forms of consumer vulnerability, including that of mental health or incapacity, and provides a single reference point for consumers and organisations participating in the VRS, enabling an individual’s vulnerability issues to be handled sensitively and professionally.
The VRS is independent of any other database provider or credit reference agency. Its sole purpose is to protect consumers and provide organisations with a tool to complement their regulatory and social responsibilities around dealing with vulnerable people at a particular point in their lives.

If you feel the VRS would be useful to you or a person whom you are representing under an appropriate signed client authority or legal mandate such as a Power of Attorney, then please Click Here.

Before you confirm your registration please read the following:

The more organisations use the VRS, the more we hope that you find the VRS useful in helping you at a time of vulnerability.

If you would like to register now, we would encourage you to make sure that those organisations with which you have a relationship – for example, your bank, mobile phone and credit card companies, lenders, and insurance and utility companies – know your current circumstances and that you have registered on the VRS.