£4 million stolen!

I was horrified to read the story of a care home owner who was recently jailed for taking more than £4 million dishonestly from his victims. These victims were elderly residents at the Barton Park Nursing Home in Southport and the fraud took place over a prolonged period of time. And if stealing £4 million wasn’t bad enough, the perpetrator then launched civil action against the estate of a deceased couple in a bid to claim £10million for their care over a two-year period.


The sheer amount of money is staggering but even if it was just £4 that had been stolen, to us the principle is the same – stealing from people who place their trust in you is despicable.

Whilst the sums involved in this particular case are phenomenal, sadly the story isn’t unusual. A quick internet search will reveal hundreds of similar stories about elderly people who have been taken advantage of and stolen from whilst in care homes.

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) recognises the many forms of consumer vulnerability and provides a single reference point for consumers and organisations, enabling an individual’s vulnerability issues to be handled sensitively and professionally.

Whilst the Vulnerability Registration was launched a little too late for the residents of Barton Park Nursing Home, it may be the perfect solution for people in a similar situation today. 

For further information visit Vulnerability Registration Service or contact them on info@vregservice.co.uk or call: 024 7767 2996.

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