Support for our Armed Forces community

On this day, Armistice Day, it feels particularly poignant for us at the VRS to pay tribute to the selfless and heroic role that our veterans have played in keeping our country safe. We value the sacrifices that have been made, and remain constantly grateful for their contribution to our security. The VRS believes that veterans should be supported in every way necessary in recognition of this, and hope that the voluntary register, which is free to sign up to, can be one route to achieving this support.

We are aware that there are a number of veterans who struggle with financial vulnerability, or mental or physical health issues which may also impact on their financial affairs. For example, the Defence Select Committee published a report last year which said that cuurent research suggests that the number of veterans with mental health conditions that require professional help could be around 10%.

For this reason, we are honoured to be working alongside Veterans’ Gateway, a fantastic organisation that provides a first point of contact for veterans seeking support, and hope that the service we offer will be able to be of use for some of the people that they advise. Veterans’ Gateway have reported that finance is continually in the top three areas of need, though frequently in combination with another issue, for those using their service. Members of the Armed Forces community can encounter many of the same financial issues as the general population, for non-Service related reasons, but Service life, often starting in very early adulthood, can leave them uniquely financially underprepared.

A recent government consultation, The Strategy for our Veterans, spoke of the need for improved collaboration between organisations in order to offer veterans coherent support, which is the essence of what the VRS are hoping to do. It noted that veterans receiving support from many different organisations often have to repeat their circumstances and historic experiences to each new provider, which can be frustrating for the individual and inefficient for the organisations concerned.

If you know a Veteran who might benefit from contact with the Veterans’ Gateway, or the service that the VRS provide to support the financially vulnerable, we would strongly encourage you to put them in touch. Details about contacting the VRS can be found here.

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