Burnley Savings and Loans has joined the Vulnerability Registration Service

A new partnership between the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) and Burnley Savings and Loans – the company created by local business man David Fishwick, and made famous by the film Bank of Dave – will result in even more vulnerable people receiving the care and consideration they need.

Burnley Savings and Loans will now be able to search the VRS database to find out which of their existing or potential customers are vulnerable, and what their vulnerabilities are. They’ll be able to use this information to adapt their approach appropriately, and communicate with that person accordingly.

This new partnership will help protect vulnerable people, and ensure that they don’t have to have the same, often difficult, conversations.

Helen Lord, CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service, said: “We are really proud to be able to work with such a forward thinking and innovative organisation. The VRS exists to help protect vulnerable people, and it’s great to know that people who have vulnerabilities such as dyslexia, poor levels of numeracy, physical disability and mental health issues, can be treated more carefully. Organisations like banks, utilities, mobile phone companies, local authorities and councils, have a duty to use this information and act in the best interests of people.

Dave Fishwick, Owner and Founder of Burnley Savings and Loans, said:

“Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd are pleased to be associated with the excellent Vulnerability Registration Service, who help protect vulnerable people. Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd are consumer centric, and as an ethical business, we believe we have a duty to act in the very best interests of our customers at all times.”

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