IE Hub – the ultimate solution to support customers managing their money effortlessly

When former teacher and career coach Helen was signed off work with ADHD, she thought that the reduction in income was something she just had to adjust to.

Helen had left teaching during the pandemic to pursue her own business in coaching, but when she noticed her concentration levels fluctuating, she knew something was not quite right. A diagnosis confirmed that ADHD would have an impact on her working and earning full time and she began to fall into arrears with many of her bills.

Sinking further into debt, she reached out to Citizens Advice for help, who then referred her to income and expenditure specialist IE Hub, which offers its customers a free online tool that allows them to create a budget at their own convenience and pace. Customers can easily see what money they have coming in and going out, and even identify areas where they could be overspending. The tool allows the customer full visibility of their financial situation and also enables them to pass on their income and expenditure details to creditors who they owe money to directly from their IE Hub account.

Speaking of her situation, Helen says:

“I’d always been on top of my finances and hated to see my financial situation getting worse because of my mental health condition. The IE Hub form helped me to gain clarity and to my surprise also highlighted some of the benefits I could be claiming. These included community support, a discretionary housing fund, care support for my son and household support.

It’s amazing how a simple form has helped me out and importantly has put me on the right track to moving back into credit. I feel like the future will be better for me now that I have taken control.”

Budgeting can be a daunting task for most of us, adding in the pressures of simultaneously communicating with multiple creditors about their situation and a lack of understanding of the financial support available to them, customers can become overwhelmed very quickly.

With 71% of customers reporting reduced anxiety as a result of using the tool, IE Hub is the ultimate solution to support customers managing their money effortlessly.

Providing customers with the ability to share their completed budget with any company they wish to, removing the need for long phone calls and repeating their information several times in order to make payment arrangements. All their financial information is conveniently stored in one place. If circumstances change, customers can easily update their information and share it again with the relevant companies.

Within IE Hub, customers also have access to an income maximisation tool, automatically being notified of the additional income they may be eligible to receive from benefits, social tariffs, discretionary payments and grants. 67% of customers found they were eligible to receive additional income of £435 per month on average thanks to IE Hub flagging this as part of the customer journey.

Partnering with the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) has allowed IE Hub to further enhance the support offered to customers. Providing a direct route for vulnerable customers to register for VRS to ensure they are known to the companies they are dealing with, supporting them to continue managing their finances independently moving forward. Our partnership also allows us to access the VRS database, identifying any IE Hub customers who are already registered with VRS, flagging this to the organisations they share their budget with.

IE Hub CEO, Dylan Jones, says: “At IE Hub, we understand the challenges faced by financially vulnerable customers like Helen. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) to provide enhanced support. Through our collaboration, we offer a direct registration pathway for vulnerable customers, ensuring their needs are known and addressed by the companies they interact with. Moreover, our access to the VRS database enables us to identify and support IE Hub customers who are already registered, reinforcing their financial management journey. Together, IE Hub and VRS strive to empower individuals, helping them regain control of their finances and create a brighter future.”

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