VRS evidence to the Lords Gambling Industry Committee

The House of Lords Gambling Industry Committee was appointed in June 2019 to consider the social and economic impact of the gambling industry. They published a call for evidence to look at how effective the current gambling act is at protecting vulnerable people from being harmed by gambling, and whether sufficient services are available for the support of people who are harmed by gambling, among other issues. The VRS responded to this call for evidence, and, among with other stakeholders, their submission has recently been published and can be read here. The Committee is now considering the evidence it has received, and is due to report by 31 March 2020.

The VRS submission looks at the way in which the VRS can work with in partnership with the ‘GAMSTOP’ initiative to help gambling companies identify vulnerable consumers and support them appropriately. It suggests that this could include a closed user group for online gambling companies and their clients, should that be considered a preferable way forward.

The VRS will follow the progress of the Committee with interest, and look forward to receiving the recommendations.

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