Vulnerability – it can affect us all!

Vulnerability comes in many forms and is rapidly growing in our society. Thankfully people’s vulnerabilities are far more freely spoken about. There was a time when there was stigma attached to admitting to having any form of vulnerability. As a society, we are growing up and are accustomed to hearing…
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VRS – Self Registration

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) is pleased to note that the Money Mental Health Policy Institutes report Seeing through the fog published 24 January 2017 identifies some common factors in line with the VRS, its service and thinking. The MMHPI suggests common ways in which mental health problems might affect…
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VRS continues to generate considerable interest

The VRS followed up on its successful launch with another well received appearance at the well-respected Credit Strategy - Collections, Debt Sale and Purchase conference in Manchester on the 24 November 2016. Helen Lord, co-director of the VRS discussed how the platform will work to delegates at the Collections, Debt…
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A new vulnerability register for consumer credit

The Vulnerability Registration Service Ltd (VRS) officially launched at the Consumer Credit Trade Association’s (CCTA) Going Forward conference in Nottingham on the 2 and 3 November 2016. Vulnerability is at the heart of many creditor’s agenda’s right now and in a timely fashion the Vulnerability Registration Service has been created…
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