Digihome is a free, easy-to-use app that takes the stress out of running a home by replacing folders, spreadsheets and the kitchen drawer.

All your household admin, To-Do lists, bills, warranties, insurance, contracts – is on your phone. All in one place, ready for whenever you need them.

No more panicked searching for insurance documents. No more missed renewals. No more arguments about who put what where, and when. Upload and store documents safely in seconds. Set reminders. Stay on top of your To-Do list. You can even assign tasks for others to tick-off. From the everyday jobs, to making payments, to maintenance and MOTing.

With your household sorted, and the mental load shared, life is less stressful and clutter-free. Which is just the way it should be.


Email – info@digihome.app

Website – www.digihome.app